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Oak is becoming more and more regnant and popular as one of the best furniture materials because of its low price and stable physical and chemical properties. As a result of this trend, oak kitchen cabinets appear in many houses , but many people still wonder if woodworm eats oak furniture.

oak kitchen cabinets

Oak kitchen cabinets

Oak wood is light yellow, and its heartwood ranges from brown to light yellow.The oak’s grain contains Tannin – an important ingredient in the process of tanning leather.

It is worth noting that furniture beetle will only eat the outer section of a tree (the ‘sapwood’ portion). There are two reasons for this:

  • There are more nutrient in this sort of wood ;
  • The inner ‘heartwood’ of building timbers like oak contains toxins that would poison them if they ate this wood. So: not all timber is equally susceptible to furniture beetle attack. If all your wood is good quality heartwood, your risk of furniture beetle attack is much reduced. Sapwood is usually lighter in colour than heartwood, so a trained eye can see where the high risk areas are.
oak door

Oak door

Beside the anti-termite of oak wood, there are a lot of advantages which are from this wood’s physical and chemical properties. For example, oak wood is able to be under a compression which is equivalent with its weight. Moreover, it is very durable and often cut in a way that makes it resistant to warping. Because of its visible wavy grain, it has a distinctive look. A clear finish nicely highlights the grain. It is a good choice for wooden furniture, especially wooden kitchen cabinets.

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