The front door acts as the most important part of your home’s exterior looks – whether it be defining the first impression or the last thing that people remember. Even an ordinary looking house can get a face upliftment by having a simple and elegant front door.

So, lets aim higher! Have a look at our carefully curated list of top 10 front door designs:

Classic Wooden Door

Classic style oak door

Classic style oak door

This classic wooden door stands out for its elegance. The well-polished horizontal wooden panels coupled with the top-to-bottom vertical black handle gives it the perfect contemporary look. Perfect for a contemporary home!

Traditional Wooden Front Door

This set of teak wood front door and supporting frames with glass panels is perfect for a traditional Indian home. In case your interiors are also modeled on the traditional lines, this Indian front door design is perfect for you.

Traditional Double Front Door

Walnut front door

Walnut front door

Double doors are back in fashion. This wooden – glass finish double door has a distinct traditional and elegant nature to itself. Perfect Indian door design for a traditional and simple home!

Vintage Styled Screen Door

This vintage styled screen door can add a lot to the cultural richness of your home. Styled on the Indian Medieval art, this creates a guarded but attractive boundary between your home and the surroundings. Perfect for a cool home!

Alternating Wooden Glass Door

Alternating heavy wooden planks and light glass strips gives this front door a trendy look. This front door design ensures that though the door remains sturdy, it allows sunlight to enter the house. Perfect for a trendy home.

Light Coloured Wooden Front Door

Oak door

Oak door

This light coloured wooden front door decorated with small frosted glass panel gives the room a bright and sunny appeal. Perfect for early morning sunshine fans, common aspect of door designs.

Pivoting Front Door Design

Help your home to stand-out with this pivoting front door design. This method can even turn an ordinary front door into a show-stopper!

Floating Staircase Contemporary Front Door

This contemporary design outshines most luxurious villa doors. This set of staircase and wooden door is a unique design with the staircase steps seemingly floating in front of a large door.

Contour Finished Wooden Front Door Design

This stylish contour-finished wooden door coupled with a long aluminium handle can be the perfect foil for a modern Indian home. The intersecting straight lines engraved on the door gives it an interesting look.

Simplistic Paneled Indian Front Door

The warm wood horizontal panels along with black matte finished black panels gives the home a simplistic yet elegant feel.

I hope you loved our carefully curated list of Front Door Designs for your home. Choosing any of these designs and you can be assured of having regular spectators staring at your home.

Please post your comments and feedback in the comments section.

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