Nowadays, flush door and panel door are widely used in the interiors. Panel doors have been used since ages while flush doors have been recently introduced. First, we have to understand what a flush door is.

A Flush door is a flat door having a flush surface and is not divided into any panels or mouldings. It is composed of a wooden framework which is covered by ply, MDF or Natural wood on both sides. They have smooth surfaces on both sides and a hollow portions on the inside which is filled with an infill material like cardboard. The Flush door is further finished with paint, veneers or laminate finish in various colours and designs. The main characteristics of Flush Doors are:

Wooden doors

Wooden doors

  • These doors are factory made and no resizing is preferably done after manufacture. They are available in standard sizes in the market.
  • Flush Doors are durable as they do not expand or contract with seasonal changes which make them maintenance free. They do not absorb any moisture like wood during the monsoons.
  • These Doors are hollow from inside hence have good sound insulation properties. They are light in weight.
  • Flush Doors are termite resistant.
  • Flush Doors are very cost effective. Many manufactures are fabricating flush doors with the traditional detailing of panel doors so that the flush doors that look like panel doors become cost effective and affordable.

Differences between Flush doors and Panel doors

Wooden door, flush door, zava furniture

Flush door

  • Panel doors are manufactured with traditional wood joiners like stiles, rails and infills.Flush doors are a wooden framework filled with solid core material and finished with a plywood top. They are further finished with laminate, paint or veneer to match with the interiors.
  • Panel doors are much more expensive than Flush doors.
  • Flush Doors are very good insulators of sound while panel doors are not. 
    panel door, Wooden door, flush door, zava furniture

    Panel door

  • Flush doors can perform well as fire resistant doors while panel doors are more prone to fire.
  • Panel doors are aesthetically more appealing than Flush doors.
  • Flush doors are termite resistant while Panel doors are not.
  • Flush door are easy to manufacture .They are made in factories and have to made as per precise measurements required at site. The manufacture and fabrication of Panel doors require a lot of detailing and is time consuming.
  • Flush doors are easier to clean and maintain in comparison to Panel doors.

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