Books are the necessary treasure. With book, we have many ways to décor your room. However, there are not too many people know what types of bookshelves match to these book. Here are all types of bookshelves that help you so much in choosing design.

Standard Bookshelf

standard bookshelf

Standard bookshelf

This one might be obvious, but these are the basic, freestanding bookcases in either vertical or horizontal styles. Designed to sit flush against a wall and shelves to hold regular-sized books, this type of bookcase is available in a range of heights and widths.

Decorative Bookshelf

Pulseline Bookshelf

Pulseline Bookshelf

Want something that’s still functional but with a little more oomph? We got you. Decorative bookcases and étagères will hold and display whatever you want, but they also double as a style statement in your home. If you need a dose of glam, mid-century modern, or industrial in your living room or home office, there’s a bookcase for that.

Barrister Bookshelf

Designed to look like stacked cabinets, these bookcases are more formal looking with flip-up glass or solid doors. If you’re all about vintage, traditional styles, or you have a more professional space, a barrister bookcase will compliment your classic sensibilities.

Cube Bookshelf

Cube bookcases can do anything (seriously). They can stack, store shoes, work as closet storage, hold baskets, display your TV, and more that we haven’t even thought of. This type is ideal if you want a more modern, casual cubby-style bookcase that can be expanded in width or height.

Ladder & Leaning Bookshelf

Ladder Bookshelf

Ladder Bookshelf

A great space-saving design, the leaning or ladder bookcase will lend casual style to any room. The shelves start out larger on the bottom and get narrower toward the top, so you can play around with different items and create a unique focal point.

Library and Wall Bookshelf

Library and Wall Bookshelf

Library and Wall Bookshelf

Every bookworm has an idea of what they want their dream book display to look like, and it starts with a library or wall bookcase. If you have the extra space, you can even dedicate an entire room to library bookcases. Even if you decide to house it in a smaller space or a dual-purpose room, just make sure you have an empty wall available (or two, if it’s a corner configuration).

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