You have chosen to install wooden kitchen cabinets, but now you’re not sure what types of wood works best for your kitchen’s décor because there are a lot of wood types in market. Here are some wood types that suitable for your kitchen cabinets to consider:


zava furniture, oak wood, good wood

Pros: Oak wood is strong and durable. It has a fairly uniform, open-grain appearance that comes in various colours: white, yellow, and red. This wood is less expensive than maple and cherry.

Cons: Oak has a lot of grain in its wood and not many people like the look. In fact, fake wood laminate often mimics the grain of oak which makes people often associate the wood with being cheap.


pine wood, good wood, zavafurniture

Pros: Pine is the least expensive of the rustic-looking woods.

Cons: Pine is a soft wood which can dent easily. The wood also features a lot of knots so make sure you like that look for your cabinets.


maple wood, suitable wood, zava furniture

Pros: Maple is a hard wood meaning durable. With only minor variations in the grain, it has a nice neutral appearance.

Cons: On veneers, the maple grain variations can appear fuzzy or “out-of-focus.”


cherry wood, suitable wood, zava furniture

cherry wood, suitable wood, zava furniture

Pros: Cherry is a favourite among many homeowners. It’s a hard wood which makes it sturdy and long-lasting, and the grain is beautiful.

Cons: Cherry has major variations in its colour. It is important to see cherry wood in a large quantity and not just a door sample if you’re choosing the wood in a natural or light stain. Cherry is also the most expensive wood type.


hickory wood, suitable wood, zava furniture

Pros: Hickory offers many of the qualities of cherry wood, but without the expense. See if hickory is right for your kitchen’s design.

Cons: There is a lot of variation in the wood’s colour from lights to darks, so it’s important you like that look and it fits with your kitchen.

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