In order to have a beautiful set to install every inch of your house, we have completed many steps, and each stage has different high requirements. To find out more about the stages of our executing a product process, from that, we can evaluate product’s quality, please refer to the article below. It is all about Zava Furniture standard’s executing wooden door process. In this article, we just summarize the main ideas so if you have further questions or more information, you can leave information or contact us immediately for the best advice.

  1. Prepare wood materials

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    Wood material

Confirming customer orders to choose natural or artificial wood materials, according to the size of the product, we will choose which wood, Sawn timber or Whole block of wood, will save the most raw material and money for the customer.

Selected materials must meet the basic requirements of color, grain texture as well as no fungus, moisture is guaranteed from 8% to 12%. The best wooden bars still have differences in appearance with each other. Based on the criteria, we will choose the appropriate wood, making the product to get the best quality.

Although this is a fairly simple process that does not require a lot of machinery, the business needs to have skilled and experienced workers.

  1. Production

Zava wooden factory, zava furniture, wooden furniture

Zava wooden factory

If the wood door is executed simultaneously while constructing a new house, we will start to produce immediately upon receiving the order, which does not affect to the progress of the works. As process of executing door is unlike that of tables or chairs, and each product has different characteristics and sizes, it takes more time to produce table or chair. Understanding the problem, we always want to bring it to you on time. After executing product, there will be Quality Controls dept. to test the quality and then proceed to carve and paint. Products after being sculptured and painting, it will be brought to the house to conduct the installation.

  1. Installation

After production phase, we bring the products to customer, products are transported on specialized trucks and carefully covered with foam as well as plastic to avoid scratches during transportation, these scratches can decrease product’s quality. This is what we resolutely notice that do not provide poor quality products, even the smallest scratch.

installing wooden door, wood furniture, zava furniture

Installing wooden door

The installation phase of the frame door into wall is also very important. It is necessary for experienced workers to install because it will be uneven, easily causing distortion to frame door. When measuring frame door, wall and doors should be standardized to every centimeter not to product defects. From the wooden frame, wooden door to the auxiliary materials such as hinges, handles, locks should also be in place to avoid the phenomenon of deflection causing difficulties during opening and closing.


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