To own a best house, you must ensure each part of your house combine perfectly. Nowadays, there are plenty of wood species which are used for doors. You always wonder which wood is suitable for your sweet home. In this article, Zava Furniture will introduce some types of wood used in doors. Let’s discuss.

There are 2 kinds of wood:

  • Primary varieties of woods
  • Secondary varieties of woods

Now, let’s start with the first one: Primary varieties of woods

Primary varieties of woods

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Oak door

These woods are classified depending upon the diameter and collection of knots. There are following 5 varieties of the woods: Teak wood, Deodar wood, Sal wood, Kail wood and Shisham.

Teak wood

  • This is one of the excellent timber varieties that can be shaped into many ways.
  • This wood provides better durability.
  • It is relatively easy to polish, work on and can make a good surface.
  • It comes in various grades and classes. Among its varieties, Balarsha, Malabar and dandeli are superior class teak. C.P. teak, Nagpur (brown color) and Burma teak (blackish color) are other types that have better qualities.

Deodar wood

  • It is one of the strongest type of wood that has weight and strength about 20% lesser than teak.
  • It is easy to saw and work on to a smooth finish.
  • It is not suitable wood for polish and paint finish because it releases oil after sometime which spoils the finish.

 Sal wood

  • Sal wood is about 30% heavier, 50% harder and stronger than teak.
  • Well dried Sal is not easy to saw and work upon.
  • It is a much durable wood and usually resistant to attack by white ants and fungi for a long period.
  • It is a rough constructional wood and used for beams, rafter, sleepers, piles, flooring, door frames, etc.
Doussie furniture, doussie wood, zava furniture

Doussie door


  • It is another hard wood like Sal.
  • It is resistant to the attack of white ants and fungus.
  • It does not deform and twist by contact with water or any weather conditions. It is easier to saw and work upon as compared to Sal.

Secondary varieties of wood

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Carved wooden door

They are classified depending upon their resistance against insects and their need of kiln seasoning before use. There are 10 varieties of the secondary varieties of the wood, including: Khair, Babul, Haldu, Mango, Hollock or Assam teak, Ben- teak, Chir, Gamari, Bahara and Bijasal.


  • The central wood of Khair is very durable and extremely strong.
  • It is hard and rough wood.
  • It is difficult to saw and machine especially when it is old and dry.
  • Its surface is easy to apply, finish and polish.


This wood has similar characteristics as that of Khair.


  • It is fairly hard and strong wood but it is weaker in slanting direction while stretching and compressing.
  • Dovetail joints cannot be used as it breaks away.
  • Its surface is good to polish and gets stains and marks easily.


  • It is wood of good quality when taken care of and tested.
  • Very much prone to fungus, discoloration and decay.
  • It is not durable in uncovered places and easily attacked by white ants.


  • It is not very durable wood unless treated with chemicals.
  • It can be finished smoothly but more suitable for paint and enamel finish than polish.

Hollock or Assam teak: 

  • It is not a durable wood unless properly treated.
  • It can be finished to a good surface up to certain extent but needs filling before it is polished.

Ben- teak: 

It is very similar to teak in strength and takes smooth finish.


  • It is lighter and weaker than teak.
  • It is durable but not resistant to the attack of white ants.
  • It can be painted and polished easily.


  • It requires treatment with wooden preservatives.
  • It is easy to saw but difficult to bring to smooth surface.


  • It is a wood of natural durability.
  • It can be brought into a good finish. After sufficient filling it can be polished well.

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