1. Consider Your Location

simple wooden bed, large order of bed, zava furniture

Simple wooden bed

One of the most important aspects of protecting your furniture is to know what kind of weather you will be dealing with. Someone who lives in Arizona won’t necessarily need a water sealant, but may want to more heavily consider painting their furniture to protect it from the sun. A person living in New Jersey, however, may want to consider the water sealant. Most people know the weather in their area, so be sure to only acquire the furniture protection you will actually need.

2. Paint

9 steps to paint kitchen cabinets

Paint kitchen cabinets

For the strongest protection against the elements, use paint on your wooden furniture. Although you will be losing the original look of the wood, the protection will be worth it. Paint will reflect the UV radiation from the sun and actually protect the wood underneath instead of causing it problems with rot. Latex paint will work better in this situation than oil-based paints because it will last longer and you should find it easier to apply. Depending on your furniture and the weather it deals with, you should re-apply the paint every so often when you notice fading, chipping, or peeling.

 3. Add Water Sealers

If you live in an area that receives a lot of rain, or even if you just want to keep your wooden furniture completely protected, you should look into applying a water sealant. This will keep the beautiful look of your wood while also giving it the protection it needs. The nice thing about a water sealer is that it not only protects your furniture from moisture outside, but it will also allow damp wood within the sealant to dry faster in order to avoid splitting, rotting, and warping.

4. Use Varnish

Another good way to protect your outdoor wooden furniture is varnish. Visit your local home store and look at your options. Different varnishes do exist, so be sure to acquire an outdoor variety that is right for you. Again, like the water sealer, this will maintain the look of your furniture’s wood, but won’t protect it as well as paint. Also, with varnish, be sure to reapply a coat at least every few years to maintain its strength.

 5. Cover

Patio furniture covers will physically protect your furniture from the weather as well as other harmful elements. Make sure you measure for the right sizes and shapes for your specific pieces.

6. Consider Placement



Where you locate your furniture on your patio will also affect how much it will be damaged by the weather. If you have your pieces on the edges of your patio, obviously things like sun and rain will have easier access to it. When a storm is coming, or a particularly hot and sunny day, pull your outer-edge furniture towards the center of the patio to keep it away from the harsh elements.

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