It appears I still have books on the brain. Yesterday, I shared a list of books I’ve read recently, and today I’m dreaming interesting ways to display books, books and more books.

These days it seems bookshelves are to be decorated and accessorized. And, books are just another accessory to add to the shelf. While I love accessorized shelves I’ve always been a fan bookshelves filled, top to bottom, with books. Right now, my shelves are accessorized. It works great in this room as it’s small and can feel congested, but I’m longing for an entire wall of books somewhere in my house.

white bookshelf

Why don’t you try a lovely bookshelves painted with white? It is so easy décor your bedroom or reading room more with white. You can put plenty of books with a large range of colors in the bookshelf, or you can draw some more little cute things on it.

Wood bookshelf painted white

A wall dripping with books can materialize in unlikely places, like the hallway or entryway pictured above. Take a book as you are walking through…

White bookshelf

How about a massive shelf that is . . .several stories tall and alongside your staircase?  This has to be one of the coolest bookshelf ideas I’ve ever seen.  It goes in my one day some day house file for sure!

Any shape wall works.  And, if you can’t afford built-ins than why not just hang simple bracket shelves above and on either side of the door?


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