A kitchen including luxury kitchen cabinets, elegant dining sets, and a unique bar cannot be called nice if there is some smell that we couldn’t stand. Of course you cannot let your kitchen get in these troubles.  In this topic, Zava Furniture will introduce some tips for keeping your kitchen always clean and fresh.

Usual Cleaning

This is the first requirement for all space. Usual cleaning helps your house always look new and fresh, especially white kitchen. Moreover, you clean kitchen that means you are organizing everything reasonable again. You know which one you use and cannot use. The stains during cooking, oil and grease when frying will make kitchen space have smell. Besides that, kitchen is a place to store many things rarely used if you do not clean usually, they can make your home always has bad smell.

protect the wooden furniture, zava furniture

protect the wooden furniture

Of course you cannot clean your kitchen everyday because you have too much work to do, and there are too many places to clean in your house. You only need to clean up after each cooking only, if your home uses wood kitchen cabinets whether natural or artificial wood, you should also wipe with a wet towel squeezed dry, do not use a damp towel because it will create high humidity on the wood surface.

You can google to find some more washing liquid like soda for shortening the time of cleaning.

Put More Flowers And Plants In Kitchen

Flowers always bring the beauty as well as the smell under any conditions to your kitchen. Flowers not only helps make the space more fresh and full of vitality, but also the space filled with the smell of flowers – a smell helps us relax.

Decorate with tree, zava furniture

Decorate with tree

Flowers make the kitchen space with rigid items become softer and helps you to relax when getting tired the work in office. Some plants are extremely easy to plant but the effect of purifying the air is good and help freshen the space like Aloe Vera, snake plant. These plants can live in poorly lit conditions or are not regularly cared, so you can be no worry about tree care.

Use Wax, Incense Bag

Once you have eliminated bad smells in your home, you should invest in space with pleasant scents by using aromatic scents or incense bags. Buying small fragrant or incense bags is easy and simple. There is only a small note for choosing aromatic scents that you should pay attention to the preferences of all members of the family and should leave the wax in a safe place, avoiding them at risk of falling in food and keep out of reach of children.

Open Kitchen Window

L-shaped kitchen cabinets, wooden kitchen, zava furniture

Nice kitchen cabinets

You should open the windows in your kitchen, which helps not only provide natural light for the space but also contribute to the exchange of indoor air. Smells as well as the smell of mold in the house can then go out, you will receive fresh air from the outside into the house. Generally, the proper window position should be as high as the kitchen counter, and can  let the sunshine in the sink.

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