Today, the more life qualities are improving, the more attention we pay to the kitchen space in home, because it is not just a place for women to show the role of housewife but also a place for family members relax. How should we do for a reasonable kitchen space? The kitchen shows the style and aesthetic taste of the owner, wife’s aesthetics, so that talking about kitchen means mention to the image of women. Not only they cook meals for their families, they also want to enjoy meals in a really relaxing and comfortable kitchen space. The truth is that decoration kitchen space today is as important as decoration living room. No matter what style we design kitchen, it is important to pay attention to kitchen’s harmony, and the house’s balance, especially kitchen’s size.


beautiful kitchen cabinets, refrigerator placed in kitchen, zava furniture

Beautiful kitchen cabinets with refrigerator

The size of items in your kitchen is very important to get the best use. Refrigerator width is generally about 36 inches (92 centimeters), the important issue is its depth. In recent years, some manufacturers have redesigned them to make kitchen cabinets deeper with 24 -inches (61 centimeters). You can also buy a thinner refrigerator, however, you must pay attention to dimensions which are listed in its specifications.

Beautiful European kitchen

Beautiful European kitchen


Use a 30-inches (76 centimeters) or less deep refrigerator, excluding the handle, or your kitchen design is more suited to the bigger refrigerator. Another important thing to consider is the refrigerator door. Remember to check the refrigerator door’s rotation whether you have trouble opening or closing it.

Kitchen wall cabinets

The wall kitchen cabinet is usually located 18 inches (46 centimeters) from the kitchen and 30-42 inches (76-107 centimeters) high. The average maximum height of wall kitchen cabinet is 70-80 inches (178-203 centimeters) from the floor. If wall kitchen cabinet over 2 meters high, you will need something to be higher to get things in the wall cabinets. The wall kitchen cabinets over 2.1 meters high is unrealistic for most people.

reasonable modern kitchen

Standard Wall Kitchen Cupboard

Standard dimensions for a wall cabinet include 24 inches (61 centimeters) for depth, 36 inches (92centimeters) for the total height. But people are taller and taller, so some families even use wall cabinets with the height of 97 centimeters.

dimension of wall kitchen cabinets

Dimension of wall kitchen cabinets

Therefore, the process of kitchen design and décor requires a lot of factors: research, time, money, … but to keep fire of the family, why don’t we try?


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