Natural wooden kitchen cabinets are more and more popular in wooden furniture at this time. There are many wood materials, such as: walnut, pyinkado, oak, ash… with different pros in each kind. But the most favourite materials for kitchen cabinets are walnut and pyinkado because of their appearance and durability. So, which one should we choose for our kitchen cabinets, walnut or pyinkado? This topic will give you some more info for two these kitchen.

1. Pyinkado kitchen cabinets

Pyinkado kitchen cabinets

Pyinkado kitchen cabinets

In color, filemot is often used as ground-colour to paint for pyinkado kitchen cabinets. After that, another finish will be spray in it: hazel, which makes kitchen more luxurious. Besides that, pyinkado is very hard and heavy, completely avoid termite-eating and mildew.

Pyinkado kitchen cabinets

Pyinkado kitchen cabinets

Pyinkado kitchen cabinets, a type of natural wood cabinets, are really used in major. Not only in cabinets, even other furniture made from pyinkado like floor, stairs, … are also be the first choice of customers. It can be said that pyinkado is very familiar to Vietnamese as well as ASEAN citizens.

2. Walnut kitchen cabinets

Walnut is highly prized for its dark-colored true heartwood. It is heavy and strong, yet easily split. Walnut has been used for furniture, flooring, cabinets and a variety of other woodworking products. Walnut’s  stability and beauty make it excellent choice for flooring and kitchen cabinets.

White walnut kitchen cabinets, luxury kitchen cabinets, zava furniutre

White walnut kitchen cabinets

Moreover, it is said that walnut kitchen cabinets are the symbol of elegance and luxury. Being such a tough, hard wood, walnut lends itself well to intricate patterns and structures, so complicated carvings come out extremely well. The dense, solid wood holds its shape perfectly, making it a pleasure to work with and opening up more design options than many other woods.

Walnut kitchen cabinets, wooden kitchen cabinets, zava furniture

Walnut kitchen cabinets

Compare between 2 these wood we can see that:

-Price of walnut kitchen cabinets are more expensive than that of pyinkado.

-Both these kinds of wood are beautiful. However, walnut kitchen has more colours which range from light to a very deep, almost black, brown. It is more options for us than pyinkado.

-Pyinkado is not as durable as walnut, as walnut doesn’t shrink or swell easily, as other woods can, when weather changes.

Finally, depending on your demand, you should consider carefully before installing any kinds of kitchen cabinets. We hope this writing helps you to choose a suitable kitchen cabinets for your sweet home.

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