If there has to be one room in your home that truly reflects your personal style, taste and surrounds you in a world of uncompromising comfort, then it has to be the bedroom. This is a kind of personal sanctuary that allows the members to rest, rejuvenate, introspect and sleep. Often, it is one of the rooms where many of us spend out most of the time at home. With each passing year, homeowners across the world are veering more and more ideas that result in the creation of an exclusive and comfortable personal hub within the design and decoration of the bedroom. As 2017 rushes towards us, we take a look at some of the top trends of design that will shape the bedroom in the months ahead.

Your bedroom essentially needs to be a blend of current trends as well as timeless pieces that perfectly fit into your personal style while complementing the overall theme of your home. While the trends often define some minor details of the room, you are suggested to adopt only what you love while ushering in significant changes.

After all, at the end of the day, nothing matters more that comfort, style, and a fashionable ambiance.

Trend no. 1: Scandinavian Simplicity

Bedroom trend 2017

If quick makeover and styling are your ideas of decorations and renovations then 2017 is a good time to think of and consider going down the Nordic Path. Scandinavian inspired decors, bedside tables, accessories and bed frames are ruling the current charts of top trends and this is one of the styles that helps to create a more organized bedroom.

Almost every decoration trends that fall under the Scandinavian-inspired setting including the off whites, warm wooden accents, gray and others are drenched into a flood of natural light. And the best part is that they are easier to be brought home and affordable as well. This soothing style is sure to go well with all kinds of choices.

bedroom trend 2017

Scandinavian-inspired settings are further announced to be luxurious by nature and they are derived out of colors and shades that ask for minimal maintenance and cleaning. For instance,  here the gray beds, walls and wood floor are a superb match to each other and can go without maintenance for weeks and months. Simplicity is the innate part of this theme and this is what rules the charts.

Trend no 2: Reclaimed Woods

bedroom trend 2017

f you are an eco-conscious home-owner then you might know that certain designs and trends have been specially shaped up for you and green waves have met the ever growing arsenal- Reclaimed Wood. Both of them are eco-savvy and economic options. Wooden accent walls bring in the beauty to a contemporary bedroom and it dominated any other form of decor- glass, stone, concrete and bricks!

bedroom trend 2017

Beautiful bedroom combining the rustic and modern appeal are always a show stopper. The warmth they add to the atmosphere is commendable and is the ultimate choice for comfort sleeping for many.

Trend no 3: Custom Headboards

bedroom trend 2017

Whether you love tufted headboards, opulent dashing headboards or prefer something that is far from just innovative, for instance- cool wooden headboards, the custom headboards are always capable of lifting up the style quotient of the bedrooms, instantly.

Decide what you want in terms of size and style while shopping for these headboards. For instance, the previous 2 designs are specifically made for some adult bedrooms but if you have kids of 3 to 10 years, something funky and colorful is better to choose.

Trend no. 4: Classy Wallpaper

bedroom trend 2017

The story and turbulence in the world of wallpapers in the last few decades has been exciting and truly amazing for those who closely follow the world of designing. Once they used to be the shining star into the world of decorating landscaped, later on, they were branded as an outcast and last year, we saw the revival of wallpapers. Wallpapers can be used to usher color and contrast to the bedrooms.

bedroom trend 2017

Those who are still unsure of how to embrace walls fully can start up by using a smaller section of the bedroom before they move on to a fully fledged accent wall.  A world of enthralling colors, exciting patterns and unique prints awaits!

Trend no. 5: Multipurpose Bedrooms

bedroom trend 2017

Your modern master bedroom needs not to be just a place to tuck in and get to sleep. It can be a center that evolved into a home within a home! You can add pretty much everything you need without eve needing to venture beyond the walls of the confined room. You can think of combining the home office within bedroom, or add a small desk and table to work and study in free time.

bedroom trend 2017

While wall-mounted TV screens are a usual sight in bedrooms, adding sofa and chairs can turn it into a living cum bedroom with extra space. It is definitely a place to spend some quality We-Time. Just look at the room above. Isn’t it glorious in all the ways?



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