A house cannot be called beautiful without suitable furniture or door. Thus, we can say that in installing and designing door is one of the important part of décor the house. As a latest trend, Doussie is a favourite material for single door and connecting door.

1. Doussie

Doussie furniture, doussie wood, zava furniture                     Doussie furniture

Doussie is a favourite material in wooden furniture industry because of its acceptable price, quality, and durability. Moreover, this wood material has stable supplying source, so that the time for installing furniture is stable, too. Red doussie makes the furniture look like more luxury, which helps your home more and more elegant.Although this is a kind of natural wood with a quite high price, it is still a good choice if you want to own good durable furniture as well as doors.

2. Designing

Doussie furniture, doussie wood, zava furniture               Doussie door

The harmony we regard as the best natural wood material and suitable for all rooms, is the neutral design combining of modern and classic. Not too elaborate or monotonous on details, the patterns used to neutralize classic of material are designs that are only on the panels or patterns.No need to be too sophisticated but extremely luxury, they can be used for old people or young children’s rooms in the house. Styles and main colors are chosen based on the overall architecture of the house, which highlight and link the whole house together. The thickness of door frames as well as doors is design depending on the needs and condition of the owner. We always want to bring you the best quality products and get the best satisfaction from customers.

This wood material gives you a large number of design options, but the most important thing is that not only your house but also décor and furniture are unified.

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