Nowadays, kitchen is not only a place where people gather and have meals, but also an atmosphere that shows off family’s soul. It is important to invest in furniture for a perfect kitchen. Kitchen furniture includes kitchen cabinets, kitchen supplies, and some more items. Nothing clears a kitchen full of guests faster than smoke or fish fumes. A range hood is the solution, especially over high-powered pro-style ranges and cooktops.  This writing will mention ways for you to choose a suitable range hood in your kitchen.

The best range hoods look good and excel at containing and venting smells and smoke, according to past tests by Consumer Reports. Prices range from $150 to $3,000, with island hoods the priciest, but the most expensive weren’t the best. Although over-the-range microwaves are multitasking space savers, even the best ones we tested can’t eliminate smoke, fumes, and steam as well as a range hood.

suitable range hood

Size matters.

The hood should be at least as wide as the cooking surface below, and 6 or more inches wider if it’s an island hood, which doesn’t have a wall or cabinets next to it to help funnel fumes.

Vent it outside.

Keep duct runs short and straight for best results. If an under­ cabinet hood will be on an exterior wall, ductwork can be routed through the cabinet and outside, or directly through the back of the hood. Otherwise ductwork must be routed through the cabinet. Wall­-chimney hoods are mounted with exposed vent stacks on the wall. Island hoods are mounted to and vented through ductwork in the ceiling.

Focus on features.

Most hoods have three to six fan speeds; some have variable speeds. You’ll want at least two speeds, high for when you have several burners going at once or when using the range ­top and oven simultaneously, and a very low, very quiet setting for removing lingering odors. An exhaust timer is handy because it automatically shuts off the fan when it’s no longer needed.

Keep airflow claims in check.

More airflow results in faster venting but doesn’t guarantee better capture and removal of fumes and smoke—something to keep in mind when manufacturers’ airflow claims tout cubic feet per minute.


A good range hood has power which is in inverse ratio to kitchen square. The smaller space, the lower air circulation capacity. Thus, a high-powered range hood is the best choice for your kitchen.o

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