Nowadays, the criminal rate is high with the theft is happening complicatedly. You cannot decrease the amount of bad guys. Thus, you have to protect your property and your family carefully. As luxury doors with the common lock cannot be good obstacles for your family, the fingerprint locks are invented as a solution for your safety house.

  1. The role of common locks

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For a long time, locks have associated with each people’s home with its traditional features – security devices. The lock can keep people safe as well as valuable household items. But as the theft is becoming more and more common situation nowadays, the common features of lock sometimes can not meet the protecting requirements of your house, so people have come up with more safety methods.

About the structure of the common lock, it is a quite simple structure which uses a set of obstructions, or wards, to prevent the lock from opening unless the correct key is inserted. The key has notches or slots that correspond to the obstructions in the lock, allowing it to rotate freely inside the lock.

With these characteristics, it is possible to notice that the lock is easy to open, sometimes without a key, and only items and specialized items can be opened. Therefore, the safety of these locks are no longer appreciated.

  1. New generation – Fingerprint locks

Based on the limitations of the traditional locks, they have been studied and launched various types with high technology and very different characteristics. However, the most popular choice of consumer is the fingerprint lock.

High-tech fingerprint locks, are run with a smart electronic device with internal circuitry, extremely intelligent processing chips, and dermatoglyphics. Since each person has their own fingerprints that are not the same, no one cannot fake or use any tools to have fake other’s fingerprint and open the door. You won’t be worried about the house or the items anymore.

fingerprint lock, modern lock, safety house, zava furniture

This type of door lock is also very neat and easy to install as well as use, with modern and convenient as well as simple, you don’t need to remember if you bring the key or not when going out. It is also very durable because it is made of anti-rust alloy material so it does not affect the quality of safety as well as aesthetics.

If your house is an elegant villa with the classical design, you should choose the option that combines the traditional and fingerprint lock to ensure both of the villa’s appearance and security.


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