Nowadays, wooden furniture market has been more and more developing with thousands of enterprises. There are also a lot of wooden designs, from classic to modern, with plenty of colors and wood species. So, why should you choose Zava Furniture? We will give you 3 main reasons why Zava Furniture should be your partner.

Modern infrastructure

wooden furniture workshop

wooden furniture workshop

Our workshop is really modern with the latest technique, as well as modern equipment for making beautiful wooden products. Moreover, our skilled workers spend enough experiences for construction with nice appearance.

High quality products

simple wooden bed, large order of bed, zava furniture

Low wooden bed

You will not have to worry about the quality when using the products of Zava Furniture. We always make sure to use the best wood for the high-end product line. Moreover, the production process is done in accordance with the standard which ensuring high accuracy on each detail.

In addition, we completely import wood from United States of America. These wood lines are all ensured that they have been preprocessed under US standard for export. Our wood species include: walnut, doussie, oak, pyinkado and so on, which helps you have more choice for you sweet home.

Good customer service


Take care of customer

Product warranty is up to 3 years, free installation and designing fee. We also do the consulting and designing kitchen cabinets for free. As your demand, we can provide the free geomancy consulting for houses and furniture. Zava Furniture always promise to bring customers the trust and satisfaction.

We want to be a great supplier in wooden furniture field in several next years, which is our motivation and vision to export our products to you. If you order large orders, what we offer are:

  • 5% discount
  • Diverse and Exclusive products
  • Expert advice

If you want to get any further info about our products, please feel free to contact us.


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