Pyinkado kitchen cabinets are one of the most popular one in wooden kitchen cabinets market in ASEAN. So, what is pyinkado? Why do Pyinkado kitchen cabinets get high quality? Zava Furniture will introduce “All about pyinkado kitchen cabinets” in order to help you have more info about this kind of kitchen. Let’s start!

1. Pyinkado wood and its features

Pyinkado wood

Pyinkado wood

Pyinkado or Xylia xylocarpa (science name) is a kind of wood that this tree is over 30 meters high. These old trees even have diameters of 1.2 metre. A Pyinkado tree has a medium stem, which looks very straight, and pyinkado tree is usually small and crooked. The shell of pyinkado tree is yellow or grayish red. Its leaf is double-leaf, with a double-stemmed pair. Flowers are very small and bisexual and fruit is crescent shaped. When fruit is ripe, they will crack naturally. Their root system develops since they were still young trees, so it is rarely uprooted in the storm season.

Pyinkado kitchen cabinets

Pyinkado kitchen cabinets

In Vietnam, pyinkado trees are mainly planted in the Central, mainly in Tay Nguyen. Pyinkado wood is quite hard and firm, it is classified in Group II in the classification of wood is considered ironwood in the North of Vietnam. There is a distinctive core, yellowish-white, thick, crimson-dark core with fine grain, heavy weight, density of 1.15 (15% water). In addition, Pyinkado wood is more widely distributed in Cambodia, which has a source of raw material wood for Vietnam with third-ranking of raw wood Vietnam imports. The Cambodian government is tightening its forest management and protection  so it is anticipated that in the near future, raw materials including Pyinkado will be rare.

2. Pyinkado kitchen cabinets’ benefits

Pyinkado kitchen cabinets

Pyinkado kitchen cabinets


Natural pyinkado wood are good quality, good water resistance and resistance termite because of its oil. They are used in high quality furniture, especially for kitchen cabinets, which are durable.

Elegant color

Pyinkado wood has a characteristic which few types of wood own that is its sap, after a period of use, will make the wood become russet. Normally, about 1 – 2 years after cutting down, pyinkado starts to emit more sap and this helps us easy in recognizing.


Pyinkado wood smells very characteristic, which distinguishes wood by smell easily., Moreover, pyinkado wood after Primary commodities and spraying paint is difficult to recognise by color. To conclude, we should recognise it by smell. This smell is not only one of the ways to realize this wood, but can avoid wood-worm attacking. The inner ‘heartwood’ of building like oak and pyinkado contains toxins that would poison them if they ate this wood. So: not all timber is equally susceptible to furniture beetle attack.

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