Our living space is more and more narrowed, houses and apartments has small areas, and so do kitchens. As a result, we want to get a kitchen which meets our requirement: tidy, modern but convenient and beautiful. The Japanese are masters of organizing small spaces in the most scientific way. They have unconstrained creativity, and intelligent designs for a tidy and modern home. From these advantages, Zava Furniture want to introduce you some designs in Japanese style for small houses.


kitchen for small space

Open kitchen design is the perfect choice for small houses. The open kitchen design can combine kitchen space and living room space into one, which makes your house more simple and convenient. You don’t need to have a space only for living room, but just separate the space by a wood bar. These designs help your house more flexible and extremely modern.

Open kitchen design

Moreover, this modern, open concept design consists of a large island and lots of storage in the tall pantry cabinets. All of the appliances are fully integrated into the cabinetry, creating a streamlined, modern look only achieved through high quality custom design.


Japanese people often do not like classic or too redundant designs, they prefer modern one with simple and elegant decoration. For small spaces, you should also limit your storage items, only use small kitchen cabinet design, such as: wall kitchen cabinets or kitchen cabinets design. Do not be too greedy of details that can make your house confusing.

nice kitchen, zava furniture

In order to help the space not boring and monotonous with the simple design, we offer a solution that create a highlight for the entire kitchen cabinets with metal anti-rust handles. With its durable shine, these metal materials will enhance your kitchen. Color tone is also very important, if your walls are painted white or light neutral colors, the best choice for kitchen cabinets is colorful colors.

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