If a store wants to get high revenue, they do not only depend on products, but also a catching-eyed showroom. Based on their products, they have different designs with their own styles. And suitable POSM (Point Of Sales Material) like: standee, wobbler, poster, especially shelves are the most important parts.

Zava Furniture has designed and installed many shelves for showrooms and stores with diverse kinds. And here are some of our wooden products.

1.  Shoe Displayed shelves

Shoe displayed shelf, zava furniture, install wood furniture

Shoe displayed shelf

This shoe shop is decorated with a displayed abstract shelf, which makes this shop look like as an art gallery. These cubism compartments can be so attractive every one that no one could ignore. If the store looks really professional, your products are at higher grade.

Human creativity is not limited, so why don’t you think out the box to find something new that can raise your revenue?

2. Bag cum shoe displayed shelves

Fashion shop, Zava furniture, installing wooden furniture

Fashion shop

Industrial wood materials with luxurious laminate coating used in our recent designs are chosen by many of our customers due to its superior properties. Laminate coating helps clean and airy because of the ability to change with many different colors. In particular, this material is suitable for shoe shops and fashionable clothing stores as they are easy to clean and do not cause torn product such as natural wood material can cause.

We design displayed shelves with the ability to easily disassemble, which makes it more convenient to redesign the showroom or decorate the space. Although this ability helps you install these shelves easily, it does not change the quality of the graft because of specialized glue for the exclusive finger join. You can be assured of product quality as well as warranty service for structural and auxiliary materials.

You love these designs and want to know more for your showrooms? If you do, please feel free to contact us.

We specializes in designing and installing displayed shelves with the good quality, unique styles, and nice appearance.


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