You have a great house with luxury and elegant style but don’t know should choose which kitchen cabinets? You have already got kitchen cabinets design, but wood kind?  Zava Furniture offers walnut for your kitchen with these reasons:

Unmatched Wood Quality

White walnut kitchen cabinets, luxury kitchen cabinets, zava furniutre

White walnut kitchen cabinets

Walnut is highly prized for its dark-colored true heartwood. It is heavy and strong, yet easily split and worked. Walnut wood has historically been used for gunstocks, furniture, flooring, cabinetry and a variety of other woodworking products. Walnut’s strength, stability and beauty make it excellent choice for flooring and kitchen cabinets.

Our all wood cabinets are finished using an 11 step finishing process which results in unparalleled beauty.

What makes a set of walnut kitchen cabinets more noteworthy than another type of wood is basically the fact that people associate that type of wood with money, knowing that pine is readily available and far cheaper. The laws of supply and demand come into play.

Walnut kitchen cabinets, wooden cabinets, zava furniture

Walnut kitchen cabinets

Since walnut is not as easily procurable on the market and only a handful of custom cabinetmakers offer cabinets in solid top versions, it is considered rarer and therefore, has more notoriety.

The question that might come to mind is whether you really want to choose walnut kitchen cabinets. You will be exploiting a wood that is not available in great quantities, takes years to grow from seed to harvestable tree, and basically just has guests arch their eyebrows and nod because they are impressed. There is a lot to be said for knowing the look that you want to achieve, but there are different ways to go about getting the decor you want.

Typical Kitchen Pricing

Walnut is an exotic scarce wood. It is our most expensive line of cabinetry. An average 10 by 10 kitchen would cost roughly $4,000 to $6,000. Some people offer cheaper cabinets, but none of them are made of solid all wood contruction.

Shipping & Availability

Industry wide shipping typically takes 1 to 2 months. Because we have our cabinetry in stock we typically deliver within 3 to 4 weeks.

We ship from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and shipping costs vary by location. On average, shipping tends to cost about 10% to 15% of the cost of the cabinets.

More Background on Walnut

Beautiful European kitchen

Beautiful European kitchen

It is so valuable that so-called “Walnut Rustlers” have been known to harvest it illegally by posing as forestry officials, cutting trees during the night, and even using helicopters to take them away quickly. High quality logs are made into veneer. Slices of wood 1/28th of an inch thick are glued to cheaper woods to make it economically possible to buy walnut furniture and paneling.

The Persian Walnut, and the Black Walnut and its allies, are important for their attractive timber, which (except in young trees) is hard, dense, tight-grained and polishes to a very smooth finish. The color ranges from creamy white in the sapwood to a dark chocolate color in the heartwood. When kiln-dried, walnut wood tends toward a dull brown color, but when air-dried can become a rich purplish-brown. Because of its color, hardness and grain it is prized furniture and carving wood. Walnut burls are commonly used to create bowls and other turned pieces.

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