A good bed is first of all a good frame. There are many types of wood for making solid bed for a long time. Before buying this furniture answer a question for yourself: how much space do you have? If your bedroom is pretty small the best decision for you will be buying single bed wood frame. It needs not a lot of free space and one person can  comfortably lie there.

When you choose good simple wood bed, you can follow these steps:

  1. Find out the correct size of your bed.
  2. Choose a mattress and bed base.
  3. Decide for materials of a bed.
  4. Make your choice.

Nowadays the most popular kind of bed frame is a wood

bedroom trend 2017

Beautiful wooden bed

Real wood bed can add style, elegance, character for your bedroom. This material exists in different styles: sophisticated, antique, traditional, contemporary. With flimsy and suspicious frame it can be damaged in the first year of its existence, let alone about its convenience. In addition the mattress always fits on the frame, so make sure that the frame size matches the mattress size, otherwise the mattress will constantly slide, that will cause discomfort, and may even lead to breakage of the frame.

Simple bed

More often beds are constructed in two types: two seat backs plus four side panels or side panels, which are attached to the hanging back. In the second case, the legs or platform are supporting the structure. Absolutely no matter what the frame will draw on – the legs or back, but the second option is considered to be more durable. The strongest frames – the ones made of special wood or metal, by the way, forged and carved wooden beds are at the peak of popularity now.

Custom wooden bed frame can be good because of its 100% robustness of the construction.

Kid bed

Kid bed

Only strength and long lasting nature allows a wooden bed frame to last longer, especially, variants with “mortise and tenon” joinsts. Using natural materials for manufacturing solid bed makes it affordable for everyone. The cost of wooden frames is very pretty cheap. You can greatly save money on the purchase of single wood bed.

Another important issue that attention should should be paid to is ecological materials for making bed. Some manufacturers use not only harmful materials, but also impregnating and coating, which seem harmless in appearance, but in fact they can be dangerous for you and your family. Best wood for bed is oak, cherry, and walnut. It is not toxic and has beautiful natural color.

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