In the furniture market, there are a large amount of wood materials, but favorite and popular choices are Pyinkado, Red – wood, Ironwood. So, what features make these wood be in at the moment?

Pyinkado wood door, double wing door, special entry door, zava furniture

Pyinkado entry door:

Pyinkado is not only one of the most high – grade wood selected for furniture, especially for entry doors, but it is also a favorite choice of customers, even severe people. With good quality, anti – woodworm feature, no warping or shrinkage, and the good ability of sustainable harsh weathers. Thus, pyinkado entry door is always the best choice for your home.

beautiful entry door, wooden door, walnut entry door, zava furniture

Walnut entry door:

Walnut door is a good solution if you are living in tropical climate, especially tropical monsoon climate because it isn’t fusty or woodworm like other or other ordinary wood. Walnut wood is always covered with a protective oil before coating color. For that reason, this wood furniture can keep color and still be shiny in a long time. Moreover, the layers of oil prevent walnut door from dust, which takes you a little time to clean.

red wood entry door, beautiful door, zava furniture

Red – wood entry door:

Red – wood has the most precious properties, so that their prices are not low. Being in the wood of group 1, it owns wonderful beautiful amber grains without fading colors or change time over time. It is really suitable for houses with classic designs. Light -color wood material makes your home warm and friendly.


It depends on dimensions, wood material and patterns. Every people has their own favorite styles, each size and décor have different prices.

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