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Warehouse units periodic and continuing editions magazines, collections, newsletters

Women, Employment and Exclusion. It is increasingly hard to survive outside the cash economy, and an ever-increasing number of people throughout the world are being drawn into the global economic system. For poor women, the choice is often between exploitation in employment or survival on the margins. Articles in this collection explore both aspects of exploitation and how this relates to women's position in society. Rural brewing exclusion and development policymaking. Premarital relationships and livelihoods in Ghana.

Dear readers! Our articles talk about typical ways to solve the issue of renting industrial premises, but each case is unique.

If you want to know how to solve your particular problem, please contact the online consultant form on the right or call the numbers on the website. It is fast and free!



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Toggle navigation. The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription. African Diaspora: Present This link opens in a new window. This opens a pop-up window to share the URL for this database.

On completion, The African Diaspora, Present will include , pages of international primary and secondary source documents, and 50 hours of video, curated for the Black Studies, African American History, and World History scholar. Database Guide. Access to cutting-edge series on natural events from the depths of the oceans to the Antarctic ice cap, featuring a groundbreaking exclusive HD view into our natural world, Your classrooms and students can now experience breathtaking natural events like never before.

CARMA provides webinars from leading industry methodologists in the social and organizational sciences. Digital Sanborn Maps, This link opens in a new window. Produced for over a century, more than , Sanborn maps chart the growth and development of more than 12, American towns and cities.

Sanborn maps are large-scale plans of a city or town, drawn at a scale of 50 feet to an inch. They were created to assist fire insurance companies as they assessed the risk associated with insuring a particular property. The maps list street blocks and building numbers including numbers in use at the time the map was made and previous numbers. These maps are for non-commercial use only, and may not be downloaded, clipped, printed, resold, retained or used for commercial or business research purposes, including but not limited to environmental, property or other land use evaluations.

For information on how to obtain maps for commercial and business research purposes, go to www. Energy Transition Show This link opens in a new window. Covers the full range of energy transition globally, including grid power, all fuels including oil, gas, coal, nuclear, solar, wind, and other emerging renewables , transportation systems, macroeconomics, and more.

Featuring interviews with some of the smartest and most knowledgeable people in energy, longtime energy expert Chris Nelder explores the global energy markets and their ongoing transition away from fossil fuels and toward renewables. Environmental Issues Online This link opens in a new window. The database is curated around specific environmental issues and events from the 20th and 21st centuries.

Ethnographic Video Online. Teaching Edition. This link opens in a new window. From the Royal Anthropological Institute, this Teaching Edition is a curriculum-aligned collection of videos and segments curated to support the teaching of introductory anthropology courses.

Each video and segment within this collection are accompanied by a teaching guide providing background information, lesson plans, and classroom exercises and activities. Chronicles more than six decades of the history and culture of the LGBT community. Some publications may contain explicit content. Coverage: - " - web site. Queen Victoria's Journals This link opens in a new window. The complete on-line collection of Queen Victoria's journals from the Royal Archives.

These diaries cover the period from Queen Victoria's childhood days to her Accession to the Throne, marriage to Prince Albert, and later, her Golden and Diamond Jubilees. Revolution and Protest Online This link opens in a new window. Revolution and Protest Online explores the protest movements, revolutions, and civil wars that have transformed societies and human experience from the 18th century through the present. Organized around more than thirty events and areas, representing a variety of time periods, regions, and topics, this collection includes at completion hours of video, , pages of printed materials personal papers, organizations, government documents, journals, reports, monographs, and speeches , and more than 1, images.

Royal Shakespeare Company Collection This link opens in a new window. Provides access to over 3, business cases spanning a wide range of business disciplines from leadership to entrepreneurship, to family business and social impact. The platform provides unlimited access to all cases, a user-friendly platform, and downloading cases. Security Issues Online This link opens in a new window.

At completion, this collection will include at completion hours of video and , pages of printed materials personal papers, organizations, government documents, journals, reports, monographs, and speeches. Parliamentary Papers This link opens in a new window. This primary source collection of s newspapers features significant publications of the Ku Klux Klan along with the Catholic, Jewish, and African-American newspapers opposing the Klan and white nationalism in general.

For CMU users, the corpus is fully downloadable for text- and datamining purposes. Content includes 4 years of rolling backfiles. Fully searchable full page images from - current with a 3-month embargo through ProQuest are here. Other editions are also available. Type wall street journal in the Publication Browse to see options. World Politics Review This link opens in a new window. Provides analysis of critical global trends for policymakers, analysts, academics and readers with an interest in international affairs.

Written by a network of experts and on-the-ground influencers, WPR content provides comprehensive and detailed perspectives on a wide diversity of issues including defense and security, diplomacy, economics and more. Powered by Springshare. Login to LibApps. Report a problem.

Toggle navigation. ITER J.

Covers more than years and is the single largest collection of English news from these centuries, including English provincial, Irish, Scottish, and a few papers from the British colonies. Features full-text content and images from numerous newspapers from a range of urban and rural regions throughout the U. Contains full text content from publications of the American Association of Petroleum Geologists and some regional geological surveys. Fisher, M. Fisher, B. Contains editorially-reviewed abstracts of the international literature of conservation and heritage management.

Digital Collections

Find: Articles by citation eJournals. More information: Conditions of use Known problems. Asahi Shimbun Co. Global Financial Data, Inc. Liverpool University Press Lletra marketresearch. Nikkei Inc. The J.

The Future of Magazines

While they are becoming increasingly adept at generating revenue from their web sites, web-only publishing models rarely supplant a print and web model. Can magazine publishing survive the competition? While not as severely challenged as newspapers, magazines in North America are clearly on the Internet hit list. For many periodicals, the long-term prognosis looks grim. Business-to-business magazines are falling first. The future of consumer magazines is still up in the air. Popular magazines 2.

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What had distinguished Lavoisier from his fellows, though, was what he chose to spend his income on. For much of it went to create the best-equipped chemistry laboratory in Europe. Nothing comes of nothing. Where the story of the periodic table of the elements really starts is debatable. Of those, 23—a fifth of the total now recognised—have stood the test of time. Some, like gold, iron and sulphur, had been known since ancient days. Others, like manganese, molybdenum and tungsten, were recent discoveries. What the list did not have was a structure. It was, avant la lettre , a stamp collection. But the album was missing.

A-Z Databases

This paper provides an overview of the positive and negative effects of new mass media introductions on the magazine publishing industry from an historical perspective. Since the early s, the trends of new media both displacing magazines as well as spurring magazine sales and introductions are evident through the introduction of feature films, sound recordings, radio, television, computers, and the World Wide Web. New media have a tendency to both displace magazines, but also cause increasing specialization.

Toggle navigation. The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription.

A magazine is a publication , usually a periodical publication , which is printed or electronically published sometimes referred to as an online magazine. Magazines are generally published on a regular schedule and contain a variety of content. They are generally financed by advertising , by a purchase price , by prepaid subscriptions , or a combination of the three. Thus Business Week , which starts each issue anew with page one, is a magazine, but the Journal of Business Communication , which continues the same sequence of pagination throughout the coterminous year, is a journal. Some professional or trade publications are also peer-reviewed, for example the Journal of Accountancy. Non-peer-reviewed academic or professional publications are generally professional magazines. That a publication calls itself a journal does not make it a journal in the technical sense; The Wall Street Journal is actually a newspaper. From Middle French magasin "warehouse, depot, store", from Italian magazzino, from Arabic makhazin, plural of makhzan "storehouse".

e.g.: Journals, magazines, electronic journals, ongoing directories, annual e.g., a newsletter that is part of the website is assigned an ISSN, this does not mean or organization (advertising and promotional web sites, commercial web sites, On a periodical the ISSN shall be printed preferably in the top right-hand corner.

Databases A–Z

For UC Regional Advisors, concerning admissions and recruitment. Newsletter from Prospective Students Admissions Committee. Student Enrollment Committee Newsletter. For Alumni Student Enrollment Committees. Newsletter for students and alumni in military service. Business manager's annual report. Argonne National Laboratory Annual Report. Five-year research plans and budgets.

Publication 598 (02/2019), Tax on Unrelated Business Income of Exempt Organizations

Appropriate Use Guidelines. UC San Diego. Toggle navigation. Food and Administration U. Food and Drug Administration U. I Am Looking For The following databases are newly acquired or being evaluated for a future subscription. BrowZine This link opens in a new window. This opens a pop-up window to share the URL for this database.

Databases A-Z

Login to read the digital edition of the Civil Engineering Magazine. An innovative seismic retrofit has prepared the nearly year-old Robert A.

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Send to a friend. It incorporates additional instructions and examples, and includes updates to the Annexes. Most of the additions result from:. These additional instructions and examples complement the incorporation of new metadata elements into the ISSN profile i.

Information about any future developments affecting Pub. Organizations with more than one unrelated trade or business must compute unrelated business taxable income UBTI , including for the purpose of determining any net operating loss deduction, separately with respect to each such trade or business. See Notice for more information.

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