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Warehouse factory natural chocolate

Warehouse factory natural chocolate

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The Chocolate Warehouse, Dublin: Address, Phone Number, The Chocolate Warehouse Reviews: 4.5/5

We visited the chocolate warehouse with our two grandchildren on Friday 16 August. It was a lovely A lovely trip to the chocolate warehouse this morning - on a wet miserable day what a great place For about a week ago, I was in Dublin on a School trip with my Class.

We visited a chocolate factory called Chocolate warehouse. It was both a positive and negative visit. Therefore, I would like to give my opinion about the factory, and what you might be prepared to if you are going to visit it. When we arrived at the factory, we started waiting out in their shop They have a small shop outside the factory After that, the guides came and gave us a little introduction about the factory, and what we were going to do that day.

I got a good first impression and I thought that we were going to visit the whole factory, but later I found out, that I was wrong… After the introduction we went to a room, where we watch a movie about the chocolate process. From chocolate beans to chocolate in packages in the stores That was probably the most exciting thing we saw that day. I liked to see how the process was when chocolate beans were made to real chocolate. BUT that was also the most exciting thing that day… After the movie I thought that we were going to visit the whole factory, but no.

Instead of that, we only saw a very small part of the machines they used. However, we were allowed to make our own chocolates in their limited machines. It was a little fun. But still, I thought that we were going to see a lot more rooms and machines. I never really get the feeling that we saw how the chocolate was made in the factory. We really never saw the big room with machines, who was outside the store. I was hoping for more. At least just a look at the production place.

But no, that was not going to happened that day. After that we was playing a quiz. We were divided in to three groups where we had to fight against each other. It was a little fun, but there was sadly no trophy to the winner It was sad because it was mine group who won the quiz But the quiz was okay and it was the most important. To sum up about my experience in the Chocolate Warehouse it was an okay visit.

There was both positive and negative sides. I like that we saw a movie about the chocolate process, and how chocolate was made in the small machines. We only saw a small part of the factory. So a good tip is that you need to be prepared to only see a part of the factory.

You are not going to see the room with all the machines. Imagine a smell of sweet melting chocolate. If you can imagine that, you have a good idea of what I met, when I took my first step into The Chocolate Warehouse, which is placed in Dublin.

This is my review and opinion about the Chocolate Warehouse. We know which chocolate we prefer to buy. Maybe we always go for the chocolate our grandparents gave us, when we were kids, or perhaps we just buy the one closest to the count in the supermarket. But when I was in Dublin with my class, I met a lady, who has a huge interest for chocolate.

Natasha Caffrey, is her name. She is the one who established the warehouse back in We visited the warehouse, to see how a company in Ireland is managed. I had expected to hear a lot about the economic situation, maybe to see some key figures from their accounts.

It was a thought I had brought with me, because I knew it was a business visit and my school had given me the impression, that we would hear about that. I have learned much about the chocolates history in general. I felt like it was a dream come true, when I was standing there in the middle of all that chocolate.

The employers at the warehouse was so accommodating. They offered us chocolate, when they got the chance, which tasted very good.

First, she told us about the chocolates history, and after this my class got split up in three groups, where we made a quiz about our new knowledge. She also gave us some chocolate we should decorate and we could bring with us home. To sum up the visit at the Chocolate Warehouse, I will say that it was some very nice spending hours. There was a good atmosphere, and I felt like my class and I were having a great time.

It was fun to make the quiz and to decorate the chocolate. I will definitely say, that the warehouse and the employers is just as good, as the taste of their chocolate. But I think it could have been more enjoyable if the communication between the warehouse and the teachers had been better, so the warehouse had known what our interest in the visit was. In Greenhills south west from Dublin, there is a chocolate warehouse.

Which is family owned and established by Natasha Caffrey in The chocolate warehouse is a factory that likes to tell about their own history and their products. Their high season is Easter and Christmas. If you pay you can get admission to the chocolate warehouse and try to decorate your own chocolate and have nice day with some kind people. I visited the chocolate warehouse with my classmates, when we were on a study tour to Dublin.

When we arrived at the chocolate warehouse, they opened the door and we sat in a waiting room. Were two ladies came, they were very talkative, they also asked questions about us and where we came from.

I found that very nice. After all had arrived we went to see a short film about the chocolate warehouse and its history. One of the ladies also told us about how the chocolate was made from growing on a tree to us eating it. Then we could ask questions. They had a good and long answer to all our questions. I also found that a good thing. Then there was a part on the guiding tour that was very childish and not suited for us. It was full of teddy bears and bunnies. Luckily, we did not spend a lot of time there and we could sort of just skip it.

I understand that the chocolate warehouse also had to make some things for small children. We had the opportunity to decorate our own chocolate and to pack it in. We all took our chocolate with home. It was nice to try to decorate the chocolate.

In the end of the guiding tour we were tested in all the stuff that they had told us. It was good thing because we summarized all the important things that we were told about. In the end all got a diploma which was proof that we had participated in the tour and passed the test.

Overall the experience of the chocolate warehouse was good. We got a lot of knowledge about chocolate and the chocolate warehouse. The tour was good because we learned a lot because we listened, asked questions, and made our own chocolate. I would recommend going there if you are 18 and under.

Down a little alleyway in Dublin, something magnificent and unexpected was hiding. It is the Chocolate Warehouse from in Dublin, which I have visited. I will review my good and not so good experiences about the visit.

The lesson about the factory and the financial crisis was an inspiring and pleasant journey. The well-dressed woman with the oratorical skills was good at catching all the spectators, so they were concentrated and listening all the time. I've got a lot of information about Ireland and the factory, that I actually can use. There were several things as chocolate, cocoa butter and cocoa beans that were shown, and made the lesson exciting. Her touch and speech about the Snowballs influenced us, so we bought a box of them.

Making your own chocolate was a funny and challenging experience. They showed us also how the produced Easter eggs and footballs in chocolate. I had expected to see the real production machines at the visit. But we were not hundred percent cheated, we saw a little extract of the production machines when we were making our own chocolate.

We saw the spinning machine and the temperature machine in action. There are a lot of different food production rules that the Warehouse have to follow. To sum up, the Chocolate Warehouse was a quite good experience. I learned a lot about the factory and the financial crisis, and how the crisis affected the chocolate factory.

My creative thinking was used when we were making our own chocolate. An educational and fascinating experience, that I warm-hearted can recommend to visit, when all things are considered. The chocolate warehouse is a manufacturing company, that produces chocolate.

We visited the chocolate warehouse with our two grandchildren on Friday 16 August. It was a lovely

We visited the chocolate warehouse with our two grandchildren on Friday 16 August. It was a lovely A lovely trip to the chocolate warehouse this morning - on a wet miserable day what a great place For about a week ago, I was in Dublin on a School trip with my Class. We visited a chocolate factory called Chocolate warehouse. It was both a positive and negative visit.

The Chocolate Warehouse World of Chocolate

Situated near the zoo in Park Street, The Chocolate Warehouse makes a delicious addition to a day spent with the kids at the zoo - what could be better?! Visitors are welcome to view the inner workings of the chocolate factory from the gallery, and the process of chocolate-making can be seen in the form of murals. The process can also be viewed on a video educational about chocolate-making. Let your children peer through the looking glass and see what it takes to produce the substance that every child loves the most. Of course, the highlight has to be the factory shop on site, which sells every sweet chocolate delight you could ever imagine, from chocolate honeycomb, chocolate covered peanuts and slabs, to chocolate shortbread, nougat and yummy chocolate eggs.

Chocolate warehouse - The Chocolate Warehouse

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The Chocolate Warehouse appears to have closed. Visitors are welcome to view the inner workings of the chocolate factory from the gallery, and the .. The East London Museum has the world's only dodo egg, a large natural science.

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