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Plant manufacturing radio relay stations

Plant manufacturing radio relay stations

Attempting to document all the unlicensed activity, including scanning the FCC Field Notices, has become far too time consuming. Therefore except for stations I personally encounter, most entries are archival. Note : a few entries listed as active are known to be irregular, i. A printed copy of this web page serves as a useful reference in advance of traveling throughout Florida. Same as FDoT if a Florida location.

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Volume 13 — "Control, Communication and Radio Electronic Warfare Systems"

VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: HRN394 Radio Relay International

Machine-building and metal-working. Machine-building and metal-working is the leading industry in the Udmurt Republic. The leading businesses are automobile making and manufacturing products for oil industry. These enterprises manufacture a wide range of products for the needs of the oil and gas complex of the republic and beyond its borders. These enterprises manufacture air rifles and pistols, smooth-bore rifles, rifled and combined guns.

The enterprise is comprised of 46 subsidiary joint stock companies. Plants manufacturing principal products are:. Its rated production capacity exceeds thousand cars a year. The production facilities occupy hectares of land. A patrol police motorcycle modification is manufactured on the base of Junker and Jupiter models. A motorcycle for snow and swamp conditions is designed for Emercom of the Russian Federation.

Izhevsk Arms Factory was founded in Enterprise main areas of activity include: manufacturing of military, sport and hunting weapons, special purpose products, comprehensive warranty service and technical support.

Machine-tool Building Plant was established in Product range includes: non-ferrous castings, iron castings, mould castings, high-precision steel castings, forgings, stamps, moulds. The enterprise has the following facilities: non-ferrous metal casting workshop, iron casting workshop, press shop, auxiliary workshops building, power workshop with power, compressed air and recycling water supply equipment set, it has a railway station with the access to the railways of the Ministry of Railways.

Strict quality control is carried out at all manufacturing stages which results in meeting the highest quality requirements which are set for part billets in the machine-building industry. Izhevsk Mechanical Plant is one of the largest producers of civilian arms and arms for special forces and police in the world.

The rifles produced at Izhevsk Mechanical Plant have won world recognition because of the their low price, extreme reliability, fine performance characteristics. This statement is proved by the fact the arms produced at the plant are sold in more than 50 countries worldwide.

Today the plant produces magnificent rifles with artistic decoration. Products: - Sport and hunting rifles. Votkinsky Plant, founded in , is one of the oldest Russian enterprises. Initially the plant produced finished iron, soft anchors, tool steel.

Since the middle of the XIX century the first Russian metal frame steamships, steam locomotives, railroad bridges, agricultural machinery were produced at Votkinsky Plant.

After the war - narrow-gauge steam locomotives, locomobiles, dredges and excavators. In 8A61 liquid-propellant tactical rocket production started, then came 8K11 and 8K The enterprise also designs and manufactures civilian products:.

The enterprise has the necessary licenses for producing of the oil and gas field equipment, nuclear power station and research reactor equipment and others. Research Technological Institute Progress was created in The Institute was liable for the technical level of production at 19 plants of the branch, for trying out for adaptability to streamlined manufacture of new types of rocket armament and of small-arms being developed by seven design bureaus.

NITI Progress was considered to be the Head Institute in the defense industry on several technological activity directions:. The Institute is a leading developer of multipurpose machines of milling-drilling-boring group and of numerical control systems for metalworking machines.

The Institute possesses both the engineering and the manufacturing-and-experimental facilities. During its manufacturing activity the Institute was continuously maintaining research-and-technical cooperation with more than Research Institutes, Design Bureaus and plants all over the country. During the past years the Institute took direct part in development as well as in bringing of pilot and batch production of new armament complexes and of military technics to a commercial level.

During preparation works and bringing of the products batch manufacturing to a commercial level the Institute has developed more than 21 thousand of progressive manufacturing processes for its branch with supplying of the required manufacturing equipment including milling-drilling-boring machining centers and CNC machines and fitting the manufacture with it.

Using design documentation thousand manufacturing processes industrial objects with total area of approximately 1 mln sq. Gorkogo 90, Phone: 7 , 7 , fax: 7 E-mail: postmaster axion. The product high quality is assured by Quality assurance system, certified in accordance with ISO standards. The enterprise was also issued an Environmental compliance certificate. Izhevsk Reducer Plant was established in The plant is one of the leading manufacturers of general machine-building industry reducers and also of oil extraction equipment.

The first five thousand pieces of bearings were produced in April, The production of steel balls for the bearings has begun the same year. Bearings find their application in all types of cars and trucks, motorcycles, tractors and agricultural machines, machinery equipment, motor-controlled units, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, electric saws and other consumer products.

The assortment includes the following types of bearings from z, zz, 2RS till z, zz, 2RS : - Open type bearings. New production building for manufacturing of needle roller bearings with plastic separators was put into operation in Needle bearings with plastic separators are used in gear boxes of automobiles, tractors and other auto- and motor- vehicles.

The plant exhibits its production on exhibitions. The needle bearings with plastic separator are granted the best goods produced in Russia award. Ball bearings are exported to Europe, Asia and Latin America. Products: - Analytical equipment, universal analytical stationary gaseous chromotograph. Today the plant is the Russian leading enterprise in manufacturing of large size tricone drill bits.

Products: - Tricone drill bits. Russian well-known manufacturers Demidovs were its founders. The plant products remain competitive and in demand in the 3 millenium. New generation machines are characterized with excellent design, convenience, high technical characteristics and the level of electronics utilization. The plant was enlisted in the Ministry of Railways enterprise registry.

Today the plant manufactures new generation machines: flow detection and service railcars and weed trains. These products are of long-term prospect, each has several modifications. Service railcars for personnel transportation have the capacity of transporting 16 to 55 people.

The train consists of 10 half-cars and 2 end cars. Each half-car capacity is 31 cubic meter. S model is characterized with high productivity. The train is used for railway track maintenance and repair.

Special purpose train is used for loading of new and replaced turnout sections, transition sections and their transporting to the installation position or storage area. The train consists of 8 platform cars. The plant has a capacity to produce old models, including narrow gauge modifications, as well as new generation machines.

Petersburg and intended for manufacturing of telegraph and telephone equipment. The plant celebrated its anniversary in In it was moved to Moscow to produce army communication means and civilian radio broadcasting equipment. After the war was over the plant continued to produce military equipment and also started to manufacture industrial and consumer goods. Plant achievements and successes in manufacturing were many times graded with medals and diplomas on USSR VDNH exhibitions and international exhibitions as well.

Car stereos were awarded with State Quality Sign. The plant has a license to design, manufacture and repair military equipment. Enterprise processing equipment is constantly updated, a range of services broadens. Enterprise main products: - On-board remote monitoring and radio equipment. Manufacturing of furniture.

Quality assurance system is certified in accordance with Russian and International certification system and complies with ISO requirements. Products: - Drill bits of different types reinforced with synthetic diamonds PDC for vertical, directional and horizontal drilling.

Products: - Different types of drill bits reinforced with synthetic diamonds PDC for vertical, directional and horizontal drilling. Products: - Trailer drilling rigs on the Dreco hoist base. Open Joint Stock Company "Elecond" is one of the main producers and suppliers of aluminum, niobium and tantalum capacitors at the Russian market.

The plant was founded in January, and in May, the first lot of K capacitor type was produced. The products got best recommendations and high quality acknowledgement. The plant products are used in audio-, video equipment, electric and railway vehicles energy saving systems. Aerospace and military equipment can not be produced without the capacitors. In the plant was reorganized into an Open Joint Stock Company. The production of our company, used in special engineering, was certified by RF Ministry of Defense.

The company has at its disposal modern production base, developments and designs and qualified personnel. It also has its own aluminum capacitor foil etching and forming technology, used by other Russian capacitor manufactures. In the capacitors became prize-winners in the program " best goods of Russia". The capacitor K was awarded with a golden badge and capacitor K with a silver badge.

Besides the main production - capacitors, our enterprise is developing and producing the consumer and technical goods. When you choose JSC "Elecond" products you choose a reliable partner and high quality! The product output has increased as a result of processing procedures intensification. The plant has been reconstructed several times, was introduced new equipment and modern technological processes, and thus became one of the main producers of high-quality steel which is supplied to domestic and foreign markets.

High quality of metal is ensured not only by remelting processes, but out-of-furnace metal treatment methods as well.

Development of technical requirements for manufacturing and packaged supply of process equipment and PCS. Manufacturing and supply of low voltage units NKU Manufacturing and supply of the equipment, installation supervision, commissioning and putting into operation.

The edition was published with the support from V. Gruzdev, the governor of the Tula Region. Each book for sale is complete with the electronic version. Opalev and V.

Omsk Popov Production Association

Frunze accomplished 93 years. During these years the factory made a great contribution to development of the native radio-electronic industry, to creating and manufacturing of military and civil products at a high technological level. The initial objective of NRL was engineering development and embodiment of long-range radiotelegraph and radiotelephone transmitters. At that time this station was the most powerful in the world, its power surpassed the total power of the broadcasting stations in New York, Paris and Berlin. Nizhny Novgorod radiolaboratory became the first radio manufacturing plant and the first broadcasting studio in the country.

Stepping back in time inside a historic microwave relay station

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Mathews of Chicago pursued the hobby and qualified as an amateur radio operator in

Entering the abandoned Jennerstown Western Union microwave relay station was like stepping back in time. Secured behind a sturdy cyclone fence and located hundreds of yards away from the nearest road on a ridge in the Allegheny highlands, the historic tower and equipment building had been bypassed being cannibalized by the telecommunications industry and had suffered little damage from looters and vandals. The Western Union relay site was a Cold War-era relic from a time when computers occupied entire rooms and when radios used vacuum tubes, not integrated circuits. My first visit to the relay site was on a cold and windy Saturday morning in October Gate and equipment building entrance. Tower is in the background. The permits were issued shortly after a major allocation of spectrum to nongovernmental entities that received national media coverage and spurred an electronics mini-Industrial Revolution that included the widespread introduction of CB radios, car telephones, and even microwave ovens. Western Union Telegraph Company elevation and plan drawings for microwave relay sites.

Scientific activities

Read more. Specialists of LLC Telecart-Prilad developed and manufactured the newest module of combat duty assurance. This module is designed to create comfortable conditions for the crew of mobile complexes.

Designers of Krasnokamsky RMZ have adapted production of components to modern technologies of laser cutting and high-precision metal bending that increase reliability and decrease the cost of production of steel structures. During the manufacturing process laser cutting of sheet metal, high-precision bending, semi-automatic welding, powder painting and assembling of the stations' bodies are used.

State sales and use tax exemptions are available to taxpayers who manufacture, fabricate or process tangible personal property for sale. Texas sales and use tax exempts tangible personal property that becomes an ingredient or component of an item manufactured for sale, as well as taxable services performed on a manufactured product to make it more marketable. The exemption also applies to tangible personal property that makes a chemical or physical change in the product being manufactured and is necessary and essential in the manufacturing process. Some items, such as hand tools, are excluded from the exemption. A hammer, for example, is taxable even if it is used in fabricating a product for sale. To qualify for a manufacturing exemption, the taxpayer must manufacture, fabricate or process tangible personal property for sale; repair tangible personal property from their own inventory for sale rebuilders ; or repair tangible personal property from their own inventory for rental. The manufacturing exemption does not extend to contractors, persons who repair property belonging to others and service providers such as data processors and nonresidential remodelers even when they manufacture tangible personal property for use in performing their services. Separately stating manufactured repair parts on a customer's invoice does not make the taxpayer a manufacturer eligible for this exemption. The manufacturing exemption applies to machinery or equipment that causes a physical or chemical change in a product in order to make it saleable.

Communist China was shipped a radio link system valued at $, for radio and and $15, worth of tubes for installation in radio relay stations at Danzig, at $6, for use on machinery in a factory manufacturing building materials.

The Hawthorne Works

Account Options Connexion. American Foreign Policy, Current Documents. Import Controls and Policy. The Problem of Financing Peacekeeping Operations. The China Area. See also post docs IX56 The IndonesiaMalaysia Dispute. Membership and Represchtation. F Economic Development and Technical Assistance.

National Endowment for the Humanities (NEH)

Forgot your password? Lowest latency to highest compatibilty audio streaming. Feed MoH and background music to your phone system. Implement a SIP capable door station. Build a telephone based paging system. Any to All PA. Complete Intercom and Paging.

SME Tomsk Electronic Company means research, engineering, production, commissioning

It is part of the Belarus-based Interstate Development Corporation. The Omsk Popov Radio Plant is an important Russian developer of advanced communications systems, including mobile systems, for military and civil use. Production includes the "Malyutka" and "Azid" families of radio relay and radiotelephone stations for setting up local telephone communication lines and for local communications in the areas of transport, power systems, petroleum, gas pipelines, etc. The Omsk Popov Radio Plant also produces telescopic antenna masts.

Western Electric served as the manufacturing arm of the Bell System for more than years. It produced many of the breakthrough technologies developed by scientists at Bell Laboratories. In addition to telephone and telegraph equipment, Western Electric assembled typewriters, sewing machines, electric fans, vacuum cleaners, microphones, mimeographs, vacuum tubes, radios, motion picture sound systems, radar equipment and transistors. The Hawthorne Works was the cradle of numerous manufacturing innovations, such as the first public address system and a private railroad with more than 10 miles of track that was dubbed "the biggest little railway in the world.

When President Franklin Roosevelt, sitting in the White House, pushed a ceremonial button on his desk in May , a five hundred thousand-watt kW behemoth stirred in a field outside Cincinnati. Rows of five-foot glass tubes warmed. Water flowed around them at more than six hundred gallons per minute.

In , dissatisfied with the cost and timeliness of news transmission by international telecommunications companies a group of publishers formed the American Publisher's Committee on Cable and Radio Communications APC , and after a year's work, the group decided to go into the communications business themselves. Halifax was chosen not only because of its excellent location for radio reception from England, but also because large communications companies prevented APC from purchasing equipment in the US. Messages received at Halifax were transmitted by telegraph to US addresses, entailing delay and extra cost.

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