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Industry fabrication caramel and Dragee

Industry fabrication caramel and Dragee

Horizontal packaging equipment is designed for packaging tall and narrow products of various sizes. We offer comprehensive solutions for the food industry — manufacturing lines for the production of chocolate, cookies, muffins, waffles, Turkish delight, halva, nuts bars, muesli bars, fruit bars, nougat bars, lollipops, chocolates, corn chips, pita bread and baklava, processing lines and various degrees of processing of seeds and nuts, fruits. Individual machines and complex lines supplied by our company take into account everything necessary for first-class work and the release of high-quality products. Kudret Makine Turkey manufacturing. Pilepack line from Kudret Makine. This is off canvas menu widget area.

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Equipment for cooling and finishing products of caramel

VIDEO ON THE TOPIC: Video de présentation de la fabrication des caramels Les Nicettes

The group of equipment for cooling caramel include open narrow conveyor belts for pre-cooling the molded candy chain;. Closed bunk inertial conveyors; closed mesh conveyors type KLA. The equipment for the finishing of caramel outdoor varieties include:. Dragee boilers for polishing and dusting of caramel;. Narrow belt conveyor. Conveyors are designed for pre-cooling of caramel to form on it a thin outer crust, which protects the product from deformation upon further cooling, and adequate cooling of thin bridges between the products to facilitate.

The narrow conveyor cooling simultaneously serves to transfer the molded articles on the main conveyor belt cooling. These conveyors are usually made on-site factories.

The conveyor has a rubberized fabric or belt widths of up to mm; conveyor length should be within m. Master and slave drums and belt tensioning device mounted on a light metal frame.

The conveyor duct is closed, which is supplied with cooling air. The drive is typically karameleformuyuschey drive machine, wherein the conveyor speed must be equal to the velocity exiting the forming machine caramel chain. Single storey inertia conveyor. The function of these transporters - final cooling of caramel, transferred after forming a narrow cooling conveyor. They are used mainly in the production of polumehanizirovannom caramel to cool the lollipop.

The conveyor is typically a somewhat tilted toward vanishing product tray of stainless steel or another metal, is mounted on inclined spring struts or roller bearings. Along the edges of the tray on its surface making holes for the drop-out caramel crumbs.

At the output end of the conveyor mounted regulating flap. Open cooling conveyors typically have a length m and a width of mm. Inertial conveyor surface, on which one layer of caramel moves continuously blown by cooling air supplied from the duct with adjustable flaps.

The disadvantages of such transporters are much longer spraying crumbs in the shop, the inefficient use of cooling air. Therefore, a more compact and efficient closed cooling conveyors and components have been designed to create production lines.

The two-storey conveyor inertia SHT2-in closed. Transporter SHT2-B is designed to cool the molded caramel production lines caramel production.

Transporter Fig. Cooling conveyor inertia SHT2-In. Produced by the passage. Chilled caramel continuously fed onto a conveyor-distributor, feeding Wrapping machines. In case of not applying conveyor in the production line to allow the discharge to the shop candy packagings output tray is provided with a second rotary valve.

KLA unit with mesh conveyor closed. The unit is a complete single-tiered structure for cooling in mechanized. The cooling unit KLA. The unit comes KLA combined convection-radiant heat transfer, which accelerates the cooling process caramel products.

KLA unit consists Fig. Feeder KLA unit Fig. From 1 motor through belt and gears get rolling three horizontal shaft 11, 6 and 3. The 13 shaker shaker moves in a vertical plane and serves to separate the chain when the caramel is fed from the forming machine. The movement he receives from the disk 8 through the connecting rod 9 and the vertical rod From the 12 rod, the 13 tray is thrown up, and downwards it is lowered by its own weight.

Separated items fall to the 14 distribution tray. The 11 shaft is equipped with a crank 10, from which the 7 connecting rod and the 5 lever vibrate in the horizontal plane of the 14 distributor. It serves to distribute the incoming caramel evenly across the width of the third 15 tray conveyor.

Vibrolotok 15 makes reciprocating motion in a horizontal plane, which is referred to it by the connecting rod and the eccentric 2 4 "3 mounted on the shaft. Vibrolotok 15 transports caramel on a mesh conveyor of a cooling chamber. To avoid contact with the mesh crumb tray in its middle part provided with holes for its removal. Under holes set collection for crumbs. Cooling unit KLA camera Fig. The cooling system consists of the air cooler 9, 10 fan duct 3 4 and distribution boxes.

Hot Caramel enters the net conveyor and moves under the electrical box. From the box through 6 gap comes the cold air. He selects heat from caramel and sent for re-cooling. Furthermore, the distribution box 5 surface facing the cooled caramel colored black ink, which leads to the absorption of the heat radiated by caramel.

From the heated surfaces heat bleed air. When operating the cooling unit, the AOK regularly checks its serviceability, the thoroughness of cleaning the trays and the mesh conveyor from the remains of caramel mass and filling, the thermal insulation and the tightness of the cooling cabinet. The design of the AOK unit provides for complete recirculation of cold air and ensures reliable operation of the unit regardless of seasonal and meteorological conditions.

Heat penetrating into the unit and moisture if the cabinet is closed loosely increase the heat load on the refrigeration equipment, cause the net and other parts of the unit to get wet. The start of the brine supply valves open or freon include fans and regulate tempera round cooling air by changing the pressure of the brine. Then include feeder, conveyor mesh and outlet vibrolotok. After that serves to narrow the cooling conveyor molded candy chain.

Constantly monitor the correct laying caramel chain on the grid, adjust the number of oscillations of the feeder trays, depending on the linear velocity of the forming circuit controlled cooling mode Single Ramesh. Cooling KLA unit camera.

After the end of the work shift, without shutting down the cooling equipment, clean surfaces and mesh trays from conveyor caramel mass residues and filling them with a brush carefully washed with warm water and dried.

The washings are discharged to the drain trap. Because of the high air velocity in the unit are possible carryover and spraying water, so water must be removed immediately through the ladders, and the unit thoroughly dry after washing.

Cooling equipment unit KLA regularly turn off, a flock of snow to coat with air coolers, clean and dry the camera. Moisture when defrosting is collected in trays 8 and 7 drained through pipe. In addition, periodically remove dust and dirt from the surface of the air coolers and radiation panels.

The outer surfaces of the nodes in contact with the brine or Freon , are at a temperature at which condensation of air moisture, therefore they must be covered with insulation. Technical characteristics of the cooling conveyors and aggregates. When driving with the caramel mesh cooling conveyor is cooled by air at a constant temperature ti.

The duration of cooling of each product caramel V s is determined by formula. DR-5M boiler. The boiler fig. Boiler 1 has a spherical shape, made of sheet steel. The bed cast of cast iron, consists of two parts.

At the top of the boiler is located and the main shaft 3 4 worm pair. To start and stop the boiler provides grip 2. Above described, in the confectionery industry distributed a number of other types of coating pan.

Technical characteristics of coating pan. The machine for continuous polishing and dusting caramel. The unit is designed for continuous open polishing varieties and caramel products to create a shiny protective layer or a rough surface consisting of sugar crystals for obsypnyh varieties. The unit of the GMC-3 Fig. The drum - the bulk of the unit - consists of a shell, the two bands 11, installed on it, and the crown gear.

The unit UGC-3 for continuous polishing caramel. The drum is supported by four roller bearings mounted on the frame 1. From the boot is attached removable cone, and from the discharge - discharge cone The inner surface of the shell is covered with corrugated sheet metal. The first partition wall is installed at a distance from the start boot mm cones second - mm distance from the first and the third - at the outlet of the discharge cone The baffles are welded locations of the sealing rings.

The partitions are mounted on the drum axis 9, which is mounted on two racks. Axis is also the duct. It at length mm drilled 7 15 hole diameter mm. For rotating the first and third partitions they are around the handle axis, and a second partition rotates when rotation axis. To fix the drum on the roller bearings on the frame has two thrust roller Metering device for sugar syrup and mix voskozhirovoy are cam-type pumps.

The cam pump consists of a housing, a cam cover with a spring clipper, clipper cap, tube and gland. The pumps are installed in dispensers 6 and 7. Each dispenser is a tank consisting of a shell, bottom, cover and equipped with thermocouples for electrical, cover, stand, plug valves, plate for the installation of pumps, oil seals for pipes. Cam metering pumps driven by a motor through a V-belt transmission and a worm gear, the output shaft of which is pivotally connected to the cam shaft of the pump.

Dragees represent oral application forms of medica-ments, i. Such coating can be used for various purposes.

The activity of the company starts with the production and the trading of butter from Isigny. From , on the site of La Cambe 14 , it becomes a dairy company specialized in the milk, butter and cheese production. In , the business is diversifying with cookies and the famous caramel production. In , the company is focusing on its major business activity: confectionery — biscuits production with the expansion of its product lines addition of hard drops candies, chewy candies and hard filled candies. Bought in by Mr. Muhlbach, the company have been restructured industrial investments and development of new high added value products and then grew again thanks to the production of private label items.

CA1086650A - Process of manufacturing dragee - Google Patents

Candy making or candymaking is the preparation and cookery of candies and sugar confections. Candy is made by dissolving sugar in water or milk to form a syrup , which is boiled until it reaches the desired concentration or starts to caramelize. The type of candy depends on the ingredients and how long the mixture is boiled. Candy comes in a wide variety of textures, from soft and chewy to hard and brittle.

Nos types de machines

Marshmallow icing jujubes sweet roll pie candy muffin chocolate pastry. Tootsie roll croissant liquorice bonbon gingerbread oat cake jelly beans. Cotton candy apple pie donut. Cake gummies wafer. Sweet dessert lollipop halvah cake jelly jelly. Croissant cheesecake candy canes lemon drops icing croissant marzipan gummies powder.

The group of equipment for cooling caramel include open narrow conveyor belts for pre-cooling the molded candy chain;. Closed bunk inertial conveyors; closed mesh conveyors type KLA.

The present invention relates essentially to a film forming composition gene for the colored coating solid forms and unmanageable More particularly dragees and a coating process and coloration of said forms. It is especially applicable in the pharmaceutical industry or in the food industry. The film coating tablets by films of colored polymers is commonly used in the pharmaceutical industry. The deposited layer has a thickness of several tens of microns; it is opaque and colored evenly. The components used to make these films must comply with the legislation in force in the pharmaceutical, dietary or Ali mentary. The most commonly used in the pharmaceutical field plasticizers are polyethylene glycols PEG of molecular weights res between about and about They are not allowed for food applications where it is preferred for example glycerin.

The equipment for cooling and product finishing caramel

The group of equipment for cooling caramel include open narrow conveyor belts for pre-cooling the molded candy chain;. The equipment for the finishing of caramel outdoor varieties include:. Devices for cooling caramel. Narrow belt conveyor.

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Une innovation pour la production de la Pâte à mâcher, Toffee, Caramel Pour faire du chewing-gum en sticks et en dragées; des lignes de production entier, des machines et des lignes de production automatisées pour les industries.

WO2003071882A1 - Method of colouring dragees and the composition used - Google Patents

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Nos types de machines

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