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Industry industrial cement

Industry industrial cement

We use cookies to improve our service for you. You can find more information in our data protection declaration. Pressure is piling up on European cement companies to decrease their footprint. Cement, the third-most-used substance in the world after air and water, is key to the construction of buildings and infrastructure. Without cement, not even the Colosseumin Rome would have survived the test of time.

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Carbon-intensive cement industry feeling the heat

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At LafargeHolcim, his main focus is CO2 mitigation, sustainability and industrial innovation. Worldwide anthropogenic emissions of CO 2 are estimated at 37 Gt in The cement industry accounts for 2 to 2. Our industry represents an important share of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide and the consumption of cement and concrete is going to increase in the coming years due to both economic development and growth in the global population.

It is therefore very important that our industry develops new products and new technologies in order to mitigate its CO 2 emissions. LafargeHolcim has been leading or participating in several projects on this subject over the last nine years, in an attempt to find ways to reduce its CO 2 footprint. Portland clinker is produced through a combustion process: first calcium carbonate from the quarry is calcined to lime; then this lime is combined with clay to produce clinker.

This process requires thermal energy, e. Limestone calcination i. Producing 1 metric tonne of clinker emits kg CO 2 , of which kg come from the limestone calcination and kg from the combustion itself.

The usual performance levers applied in our cement plants are well managed. In particular, these are saving programs that deal with both kWh of electricity and thermal energies. In addition, our product mix has also evolved towards more complex products using cementitious product additions as clinker extenders. Today, 1. Nevertheless, although the performance levers are still very efficient, we have developed a new approach in designing low-CO 2 products able to substitute Portland cement.

This new product is a complete breakthrough for Portland cement and concrete. Although its mineralogical and chemical composition differs from Portland less limestone , it sets and hardens through a carbonation process and not through hydration. Altogether, the emissions per tonne of binder will be reduced by at least a factor of 2, i. This cement develops as much strength in 24 hours as Portland cement in 28 days and can already address several market segments such as precast pavements, blocks, railroad crosses, road sleepers… and some structural and concrete ready mix applications.

However, we can say that this product combines direct CO 2 reduction during the production process with CO 2 recapture during material setting and it inscribes fully into the circular economy and industrial ecology concepts.

In addition, it combines mineral carbonation dealing with CO 2 uses and production of a useful product for the construction business. However, although emitted in a huge quantity worldwide, the CO 2 market is quite small today and we could paradoxically encounter supply shortages for mass mineral carbonation applications.

The capture of CO 2 from diluted flue gas is still expensive when compared to the cement market price and the current supply shows over quality for emerging applications in construction materials. It may additionally be subject to high shipping costs. Therefore, local access to cheap CO 2 supply will determine the future of CO 2 utilisation to produce new low-CO 2 binders and, to a certain extent, the future of most of the other carbon dioxide technologies also.

In summary, we think that this type of product is a good example of a CO 2 application adapted to our industry. We do produce and sell mineral products and we know how to market them, and are able to develop them for numerous application segments.

The CO 2 capture through mineral carbonation is therefore tailor made for our core business. Altogether, the global impact of our industry is reduced through incremental levers linked to performance management of our industrial sites, but also through breakthroughs in developing innovative products, i.

The development of a holistic approach with new solutions embedded into the construction industry is equally important. Skip to main content. Carbon Capture Utilisation and Storage.

Carbon dioxide — turning an enemy into a valuable friend! SET-Plan Update. Spurring innovation in carbon capture and utilisation technologies: the Horizon Prize for CO 2 reuse. Chemical valorisation of CO 2 for Europe. CO 2 as a raw material for waxes and fuels. CO 2 as a feedstock for polymers. Commercial capture and mineralisation of carbon in manufactured aggregates.

Moving CO 2 from source to storage. CO 2 uses in the cement industry. The challenges of the CCU industry. The zero-emission steel plant of the future. How carbon capture can play a role in urea production. Carbon capture and utilisation — synthesis of fuels, chemicals and materials.

CO 2 conversion - pathways to alternative storage and carbon derivatives. Commission activities to enable CO 2 transformation and utilisation.

At LafargeHolcim, his main focus is CO2 mitigation, sustainability and industrial innovation. Worldwide anthropogenic emissions of CO 2 are estimated at 37 Gt in

Achieve greater energy and production efficiency for your cement manufacturing operations with IoT-enabled solutions. Improve the safety of your plant and workers, and enhance the security of your facilities. Create value for stakeholders and communities while improving sustainability and energy management. Maximise worker productivity, optimise asset effectiveness, and increase production output. Unify and strengthen the value chain at every stage of your operation to maximise overall business performance. Leverage our resources and expertise to ensure projects are completed efficiently and effectively.

EcoStruxure™ for Cement Industry

Though China represented more than half of total global cement demand in , the country's growth prospects over the next few years are dim. Furthermore, the modernization of Chinese construction processes will limit cement demand, as efficiency improvements in cement manufacturing, transportation, and on-site installation processes are expected to reduce the intensity of usage. As currently laid out, the project represents a planned investment of nearly a trillion dollars in new roads, bridges, and infrastructure, with an eye toward optimizing trade routes into Africa, Europe, and other countries. Excluding China, the global cement industry is poised to enjoy more vigorous growth, buoyed in part by expanding construction activity and infrastructure investment in developing regions with rising urbanization rates.

Cement industry

Bosch Rexroth can draw on experience from cement applications worldwide, both in drive systems and beyond. By listening closely to your challenges and making full use of our knowledge, we bring you reliable, long-term solutions that minimize risk and maximize peace of mind. Whether transporting, heating or grinding your materials, working with cement takes a mix of force and finesse. Our drive solutions supply reliable power with built-in overload protection, but also fine speed control and unbeatable flexibility.

Alternative Fuel.

From raw material preparation to clinker production to cement manufacturing and automation solutions: we are an experienced and competent partner for optimal plant solutions and life cycle services. Thanks to the application of ultramodern production processes, our plants protect resources and the environment and can guarantee plant owners maximum productivity and economy of operation. We provide our customers with all products and services from a single source: from each individual screw in the spares business and each individual machine in the supply business to complex plant sections and complete EPC plants. Assignment of experts for the maintenance of your mill drives and kiln drives, for quicker and early detection of problems. Modernisation of your grinding plant by means of DIAPOL lifting diaphragms means effective utilisation of the entire mill volume. Climate change, urbanization and globalization are the key challenges of our time. And more sustainable cement production can be part of the solution. Cement is the most widely used material in the world.

Tracking Industry

Key strategies to cut carbon emissions in cement production include improving energy efficiency, switching to lower-carbon fuels, reducing the clinker-to-cement ratio and advancing process and technology innovations. Initial estimates suggest that cement production returned to 4. Without efforts to reduce demand, annual cement production is expected to grow moderately to Production is likely to decline in China in the long term, but increases are anticipated in India, other developing Asian countries and Africa as these regions develop their infrastructure.

Achieve greater energy and production efficiency for your cement manufacturing operations with IoT-enabled solutions. Improve the safety of your plant and workers, and enhance the security of your facilities.

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thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions is one of the few full-range suppliers in the cement industry. From raw material preparation to clinker production to cement.

Carbon-intensive cement industry feeling the heat

The transfer of ownership for all the shares in the company was completed in mid-May , according to the Oman Daily Observer newspaper. The UAE is having a moment. Over the last week Fujairah Natural Resources, a new entrant to cement, said it is going to build a clinker plant at Habbab in Fujairah. The last couple of years have been tough ones for Emirati cement producers, which have been fighting falling sales and beleaguered profits. The largest producer, Arkan Building Materials - a group majority controlled by the Abu Dhabi government, reported flat sales growth for the first nine months of

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EcoStruxure™ for Cement Industry

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